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Directory Services Command Line (dscl)

To make changes, all commands must be done with sudo privileges. To read only, no sudo is required:

Just as an LDAP server has a directory, every desktop and server computer has a local directory structure where the local user information is stored. This is most easily accessed using the dscl tool in command line. There are 2 modes for the tool, Interactive and Non-Interactive mode. Non-interactive mode is what a script (such as the hidden user script) would use, you type an entire command before hitting enter. Interactive mode gives you a dynamic environment to run in. (more…)

Creating a Hidden Admin User

This is a quick tutorial on some of the basics of creating a hidden user. This tutorial is the information that I used to create my Administrative Install Package that I put on all machines that I service. At a workplace people get very possessive of their machines (even though its not really “theirs”). Many of my users didn’t like seeing another username in the login screen. But I can’t service a hundred computers when I have no access into them. This way, I have full access and none of the users know. This is specific to Leopard, and I believe this also works with Snow Leopard. However, Tiger uses the netinfo command line instead, which is similar in its interactions, but not entirely the same.