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Adding Xsan Clients to a Stornext Environment

Charles Edge has a great how-to for adding an Xsan client to a Stornext SAN here: (link broken)
This will get you setup if you have no clients on the SAN, and frankly its probably the “right” way to do it. But there is a quicker way if you already have some Xsan clients attached and you just want to add more. (more…)

Xsan Maintenance

The proper Xsan volume maintenance is critical to the health of your filesystem. Short of a full crash with loss of configuration files, I have not seen any minor problems that this didn’t take care of (or at least help out tremendously). I try to do this to each volume at least once a month, and anytime there is a problem (i.e. filesystem crash). Start by stopping the volume: (more…)

Identify a file by inode

If you need to know what file a particular inode is associated with, you can use the following command:

find /Volumes/[volumename] -inum [number]

This can be useful in when used with the cvadmin command: “repof” to get a report of open files. You may need to do this if you find that a particular command will not execute due to open files.