About Me

My name is Brandon and I work as a system administrator. Day to day I could be dealing with anything IT related from email, to phones, to servers, and even some minor scripting and programming. A lot of it is pretty complex and fairly boring (to the average person). I primarily focus on Production and Post-Production support, which in my environment revolves around a large chunks of storage. I spent many years trying to be video editor before realizing that I’m too analytical to be artistic! Then I gained my tech cred working at a motion picture studio in Burbank (it rhymes with “his knee”). That’s where I really started to learn all the server stuff, networking and other under-the-hood technical junk.

I’ve spent many years reading and learning from other’s blogs, and found myself explaining things to people over and over again. So I decided instead to start my own blog so they were in writing. I started this a while back, when I was still learning. I used it as my own personal floating notebook. Then someone invented Evernote and I didn’t need it anymore. But I left all the old entries, so you can laugh at my early [mis]understandings of things.

Feel free to read everything, comment as needed, correct me if you must. I do ask that you link back anything you repost. And the ads…ya, sorry bout that. It helps pay for the hosting.